We Need A Hundred of These

They’re certainly not perfect. They’re not even in the sweet spot as far as number oBadgeBlueprintf students reachable, ease of reading,

Yet this badge blueprint is good enough to show us the way.


The way to what, you ask? Well, personalized learning. Relevant learning. Competency-based-; Connected learning.

Student-based learning.


We’ll talk later about some of the elements that make this a good-enough example to build a library from.

For now, know that it represents 60-75 hours of work: half a Carnegie unit in most states.

It’s pretty demanding work. Half the work will be of the student’s own design; the other half introduces a new field of knowledge. Students will accumulate a toolset. (Kind of like the mechanics courses that let you ‘keep your tools’).

We don’t know for sure how many students might complete this in a semester; we’ll have to try it and find out.

Yet it’s also doable with no direct instruction and only supportive coaching. That’s critical if we want to have more than just .1% of students benefiting from this approach.

That makes three characteristics of a great BadgeHS blueprint:

  1. Tied directly to all or part of a Carnegie unit.
  2. Can be accomplished with minimal demands on the local teacher of record.
  3. Mixes methods of learning: interactive; guided; and student-driven

What else can be learned well this way?





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