Some Music, Maestro?

A ‘perfect’ example of a badge blueprint might just teach music.

Not playing jazz, or writing symphonies. Though many young people are indeed teaching themselves to play guitar and piano via iPad apps and other means.

Rather, might we see a blueprint for first hearing, and then learning an academic framework of, music?

How many students might choose to learn more history through music? Or study the biographies of some of the great musicians, and what they accomplished, and how?

I’m thinking a mash-up of the Rails Blueprint and SmArtHistory, only with notes and clefs and  Mozart’s and maybe a little bit of Winton Marsalis’ Jazz Master classes or the Jazz Academy video series? Should it include the Abyssinian Mass? Maybe!

What would be the connected learning component of this? Some large symphonies have digital outreach, of course. Who else could be tapped in to?


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