It’s About Doing More

How many hours did you spend in a classroom where you could barely keep your eyes open? Or had no clue what the person in front was droning on about?

Hundreds, maybe thousands of educators have banded around approaches that have domoreedustudents doing more. The maker-ed movement is one of these approaches. Design Thinking is another.

We need to scale. To go from scores of schools across the country to tens of thousands of schools.

We also need more approaches to #doing. For example, really strong game-based learning. Or simple drawing for far more students. Working in the community. Running a surveyor’s transit or a mariner’s sextant. Bombarding a substance with nuclear radiation to see what it is made of.

Ohio alone has 830 high schools. Some have perhaps 200 students. The staff at most are stretched to the limit. Programs are being cut, not added.

We need a process for spinning out great #DoMoreEdu ideas directly to students, parents, teachers. For making #connectedLearning a reality for students everywhere. For bringing to learners people and resources from the great world outside the education establishment.


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