Hacking High School

HackHighScholl Sticker720Somewhere this spring, I quietly changed this blog’s name. We needed to find a new ID for the ideas and opportunities discussed here. Something that indicated large change; change and opportunity for all teens.

Indeed, at the time unknown to me, Ohio’s Superintendent of Schools had also come to this conclusion. Nowhere near enough kids were taking advantage of our credit flexibility law; no where near enough community organizations and workplaces were participating; nowhere near enough innovation was happening in the learning lives of teens.

Part of this year’s policy work in Ohio is to be the expansion and re-branding of the Credit Flex options. Middle school students will also be included. The name will be changed.

What that name will be, I don’t yet know. But I’d already decided on a name change here. We’d try a little more radical name. We’d call it something that hints at the true power available to teens. It’s not an escape tool. It’s not just for fun and diversion. It’s a path toward fundamentally rebuilding how, what, when, and why teens learn.

It’s about change the size of the transition from 1970’s mainframe computers to an iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch ecology. It’s about moving from “Expect 6-8 weeks for delivery” to “Order by 3AM get it by 10AM”. It’s about living for years with a walker and pain vs arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries via a network of outpatient surgical centers.

Thus ‘hacking high school’.

More shortly. Much more.

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