We are a community dedicated to putting students in charge of their High School education.

Not talking about it. Doing it: Putting them in charge. Giving them mentors. Giving them choices never before imagined. Opening up connected learning.


This is growing into a really cool community of people.

For now, it’s a loose network. You’ll be helping us reach out, solidify and grow the team across Ohio and beyond.

  • For instance, the remote students who helped us by creating an infographic.
  • The leading-edge educational software researcher and professor of calculus at Ohio State.
  • A HS teacher from as far as Oregon who is using a Ohio MOOC to give 10 seniors who would have no math another, rigorous, option. And tell us about it.
  • Teachers and activists worried about the ‘narrowing of the curriculum’ and the reduction–or exclusion–of art, history, music, other studies.
  • The small team from central Ohio building a creative development and art experience any student can use.
  • Programmers who help us understand how coding might be integrated into high school without undue extra costs.
  • The educational entrepreneur from Pittsburgh working to bring a number of exciting learning experiences–including the fundamentals of game development.
  • Manufacturers who worry about the readiness of those they’d like to employ.
  • People whose main focus is gifted education. They’re concerned that gifted services have nearly been eliminated in recent years.
  • There are members of a team designing an entirely new type of school, a ‘maker school’ which is entirely project-based learning.
  • Staff at Ohio’s university summer camps and institutes interested in extending the reach of their programs.
  • And teachers from around the state and beyond, concerned about ‘teaching to the test’, concerned that

The ‘eye of circulation’ is Ed Jones.

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