Things Will Change. This Fall.

Late Friday, on the way to set up for the ribs burnoff, whilst polishing off fuel at the local charity hotdog stand, Twitter announced a change of everything.

Welcome, @mrwheeler, to the ranks of the just-slightly-underpaid high school transition team.

Mr Wheeler at EdCamp Cleveland

@MrWheeler at EdCamp Cleveland

He’s taken a leave, and he’s going to work MakerSchool full time.

(Well, when we don’t have him changing the other 825 high schools in Ohio).


It’s about Black Boys.

It may not look like it.

Not when our opening example is to master a full-stack web development framework in less than a semester.

Or when Calculus delivered via a MOOC from The Ohio State University serves as our most complete example.

But here’s what you should know:

In 2010, says the Black Boys Report, Ohio graduated only 45% of it’s Black boys. Forty five percent.